Why people like Fashion?

While fashion is inherently functional -- clothing must first and foremost be worn -- there are many reasons beyond clothing's utility that make people interested in following fashion. Fashion has changed and evolved over time. Clothing gives one the ability to express attitudes and values.

Express your personality

Fashion allows individuals to create and craft images of themselves, expressing their identity to other people and potentially arousing feelings of curiosity or commonality. Fashion is often fueled by the desire to be different enough to stand out but similar enough to belong to the group that your clothing helps identify.

Follow/Create a Trend

Clothing fashions have been influenced by cultures and cultural movements – expressed values of the generation. The clothing items of the hippie generation were used to symbolize love, peace, cooperation, and alternative or new mindsets. Bell-bottoms and flowing dresses represented a break from the old society of strict dress codes and requirements for behavior.

Express Creative Energy

It takes creative energy to design clothes. Painting, writing and photography are associated more with artistic expression. Today fashion has become a viable part of artistic expression. The process of creating clothing is about making a personal statement of what you value and what you believe in.

Need for Change

Change is constant when it comes to human needs. Human beings are always looking to express themselves and one of the most visible ways to do it is through clothing. The constant change in fashion world is part of what makes it an enjoyable pastime.