What and Why of Custom Clothing

A house is bricks and sticks. It becomes a home to someone who puts life and love in living in it. Clothing is not just about needle and threads but it is about truly knowing yourself and loving yourself. It is not just wearing them to just cover your body or modify bodily flaws. It is about dressing the way you are right now that makes you feel good and confident. Wearing proper clothes that fit someone’s values rather than current fashion trends improves self-confidence and character of a person. Blindly following fashion trends has the capacity to erode people’s self-esteem and confidence and widen the gap between where you are and where you should be. Clothing gives people the freedom to express themselves in their unique way inside out.

When creating custom clothes, it is not about being just concerned about “what’s out there” but “what’s in here”. It is about creating clothes to reflect and express “what’s in here”. It is not only about matching size but also values. Custom clothing is about the person and not just the clothing. This mindset when creating custom clothes will bring people closer to themselves.

At Silayi, we don’t make clothes, we make a difference!