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सिलाई /Dressmaking/

We believe that clothing is about truly knowing yourself and loving yourself. We believe that clothing should not be about following a fashion trend. It should reflect who you are, make you feel confident and set you free. We want to give people the freedom to express themselves in their unique way inside out. We are not concerned about “what’s out there” but we are interested in “what you want”. Our emphasis is on the person and not just fitting into a style.

We are working on a unique way to empower you to design your own clothes to match your style, values, and size. It will bring people closer to themselves as the designs are informed by self and not by fashion trends.

We are not just empowering people to design their own clothes – we are making a difference!


Periodically our design team will be posting new clothing designs here. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on social media to get the latest updates. We are working on the app which will empower you to modify these designs to fit your needs and create your own style. We are offering basic tailoring cutting guide for some of the designs to give you a glimpse of what is to come in the near future. Feel free to enter your name and email address to receive a PDF of the cutting guide. Freedom of choice and freedom for expression is coming shortly!!

The App

Do your eyes hurt and fingers ache from scrolling websites and apps for the clothing design that catches your eye, heart, and soul? Wish there was a way for you to create your own style? Wish you could customize it to your taste and size? Wish there was a way to express the designer in you? Your wish is our command. All your wishes for designing your own style of clothes is coming true with the Silayi app coming to the app store soon. The app will empower and inspire you to create your “designer clothes”. With a simple, unique and revolutionary design interface you will get to create custom designer clothing for yourself. Instead of following a trend, you can create a trend.

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What and Why of Custom Clothing

A house is bricks and sticks. It becomes a home to someone who puts life and love in living in it. Clothing is not just about needle and threads but it is about truly knowing yourself and loving yourself. It is not just wearing them to just cover your body or modify bodily flaws. It is about dressing the way you are right now that makes you feel good and confident. Wearing proper clothes that fit someone’s values rather than current fashion trends improves self-confidence and character of a person. Blindly following fashion trends has the capacity to erode people’s self-esteem and confidence and widen the gap between where you are and where you should be. Clothing gives people the freedom to express themselves in their unique way inside out.

When creating custom clothes, it is not about being just concerned about “what’s out there” but “what’s in here”. It is about creating clothes to reflect and express “what’s in here”. It is not only about matching size but also values. Custom clothing is about the person and not just the clothing. This mindset when creating custom clothes will bring people closer to themselves.

At Silayi, we don’t make clothes, we make a difference!

History of Clothing and Textiles

Evidence suggests that humans may have begun wearing clothing as far back as 100,000 to 500,000 years ago.[5]

Sewing needles have been dated to at least 50,000 years ago (Denisova Cave, Siberia) – and uniquely associated with a human species other than modern humans, i.e. H. Denisova/H. Altai. The oldest possible example is 60,000 years ago, a needlepoint (missing stem and eye) found in Sibudu Cave, South Africa. Other early examples of needles dating from 41,000-15,000 years ago are found in multiple locations, e.g. Slovenia, Russia, China, Spain, and France.

The earliest dyed flax fibres have been found in a prehistoric cave in Georgia and date back to 36,000.[6]

The 25,000-year-old Venus Figurine "Venus of Lespugue", found in southern France in the Pyrenees, depicts a cloth or twisted fiber skirt. Other figurines from Western Europe were adorned with basket hats or caps, belts were worn at the waist, and a strap of cloth that wrapped around the body right above the breast. Eastern European figurines wore belts, hung low on the hips and sometimes string skirts.

Archaeologists have discovered artifacts from the same period that appear to have been used in the textile arts: (5000 BC) net gauges, spindle needles, and weaving sticks

Problems to Solve

"So many people can't find ready-to-wear clothes that fit,"

"They compromise and be satisfied with ready-to-wear clothes that don’t fit”

“Customers have to go to a tailor to give their measurements and describe what clothes they want to wear”

“Artisans/Boutique Owners/Handworkers/Seamstresses have to go to door-to-door to retail fabric outlets to get the best price for quality fabrics”

“Artisans/Boutique Owners/Handworkers/Tailors/Seamstresses are not properly rewarded for their work”

“Many able and willing men and women are not making money with their skills or underpaid and overworked”

“Many women seamstresses would welcome a way to earn a source of income through a home-based business”

Why people like Fashion?

While fashion is inherently functional -- clothing must first and foremost be worn -- there are many reasons beyond clothing's utility that make people interested in following fashion. Fashion has changed and evolved over time. Clothing gives one the ability to express attitudes and values.

Express your personality

Fashion allows individuals to create and craft images of themselves, expressing their identity to other people and potentially arousing feelings of curiosity or commonality. Fashion is often fueled by the desire to be different enough to stand out but similar enough to belong to the group that your clothing helps identify.

Follow/Create a Trend

Clothing fashions have been influenced by cultures and cultural movements – expressed values of the generation. The clothing items of the hippie generation were used to symbolize love, peace, cooperation, and alternative or new mindsets. Bell-bottoms and flowing dresses represented a break from the old society of strict dress codes and requirements for behavior.

Express Creative Energy

It takes creative energy to design clothes. Painting, writing and photography are associated more with artistic expression. Today fashion has become a viable part of artistic expression. The process of creating clothing is about making a personal statement of what you value and what you believe in.

Need for Change

Change is constant when it comes to human needs. Human beings are always looking to express themselves and one of the most visible ways to do it is through clothing. The constant change in fashion world is part of what makes it an enjoyable pastime.


Are you a fashionista?

fashionista  someone who is focused on clothing, style and fashion shopping

Do you have a sense for fashion trends and styles and who have the passion and drive to offer their creative services to customers? We are putting together an ensemble of the best people who can add value, provide expert advice and superior experience to customers of custom clothing.

1. Would you like to run your own boutique/fashion business? Yes No

2. Are you obsessed with clothes and serving people? Yes No

3. Do you love to share about your outfits with your friends and family? Yes No

4. Do you want to be your own boss? Yes No

5. Do you like helping people choose styles and fashion? Yes No

6. Do you keep track of fashion trends? Yes No

7. Do you like working with people? Yes No

If you answered YES to all these questions, we are looking for you.

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